Variants and related games

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Bankboard or Cushion shuffleboard is a variant of table shuffleboard related to billiards and air hockey. In this variant the players may bounce the puck out on one of the sides of the table, to go around an interfering puck. Bankboard tables are within shorter range of table sizes. This type of table shuffleboard is also known as Bumper Shuffleboard.


Sjoelen is a Dutch variant of table shuffleboard. This variant is also influenced by billiards. The goal of the game is to push 30 pucks towards the other end of the table and into small arches at the end. These arcs open in numbered boxes. Each player has three turns to get the most points of score to win.

Shove ha´penny

Shove ha´penny is one of the oldest variants of table shuffleboard. It was invented back in England for more than hundreds of years ago. Instead of pucks, the players use coins, which traditionally is a penny. The playing field is smaller and rectangulary shaped. Each team pushes its penny one and one against the scoring line. If the coin does not reach the first line on the table, it does not count as a round.Then the player will move the coin back and try again. Players can also try to hit the opponents coins for their own profits.

Bonus Shuffle

Bonus Shuffle was created as a variant of table shuffleboard in the 1980s. In this variant of shuffleboard there are two teams attempted to throw disks to win cash from 300 – 1000 dollars. The wining team could play for a Bonus stunt to double the amount by 10. Therefore called Bonus Shuffle.