5 reasons why you should have a shuffleboard at your office.

5 reasons why you should have a shuffleboard at your office. 1. Your employees will spend more time together. 2. You can invite customers to your office for a match before a meeting or have tournament with your clients. 3. Shuffleboard would work as a stress reliever for your employees. Also when you think of [...]


10 mistakes you don’t want to make when you’re buying a shuffleboard.

10 mistakes you don't want to make when you're buying a shuffleboard. Below you will find a checklist you need to go through. Shuffleboard mistakes can be expensive. 1. Always make sure that the supplier has a reference list. You need to know that others are happy with their tables and the service. You [...]


Why Champion Shuffleboard?

Champion Shuffleboards are the best shuffleboards at the market! We have developed our shuffleboards to match the climate in Nordic countries. Our long experience and expertise will guarantee our customers perfect shuffleboard at all time. We have accessories in stock and service-technicians taking care of all shuffleboard we have delivered. This is why we have 98 % market share!