Game Play Rules

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How to play Shuffleboard?

Object of the game

The object of the game is to slide or shuffle the puck with one hand from one side of the table to the other one within four different scoring lines to reach the highest points of score. The puck should be shuffled as far down as possible to reach the highest score of four. The players can choose to knock the opponents puck away or out of the table to get a better position. When all pucks are shuffled, the round´s finished.

How to play

Players choose their colours through a game of rock, paper scissors. The game starts at one side of the table. The players are supposed to shuffle their pucks over to the other side. Each player should try to land their puck closest to the end of the table. They can knock the opponents puck away if they want to. When one round is finished, the players change sides and play the pucks back to the other side again.


Shuffleboard is a game where players slide or shuffle pucks from one end of the table to the other to score the most points. You can also push or try to knock the opponents puck out of the table or to protect your own puck. The number of points are shown where the puck lands on the table but no points are awarded until all 8 pucks are used. After all 8 pucks are used, the farthest same color pucks ONLY count towards the scoring. The score points go from 1-4, where 4 is the highest. If the puck falls outside the table, it counts as 0 points for the round. If a puck is “hanging” over the edge of the table at the end of the game, that puck counts for 5! This is called a “hanger” First to 15 wins!