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We offer the bestseller Grand Champion Nordic Edition and Gentry Nordic Edition. For our best seller, shuffleboard comes with scoreboard and 20-year warranty on the game deck! Contact us for the appointment and ordering of our products.

European Shuffleboard - Grand Champion Nordic Edition

Grand Champion Nordic Edition

Champion Shuffleboard is proud to introduce an elite new line of beautiful, high quality, shuffleboard tables. Presenting The Grand Champion. The playfield will be delivered concave for ultimate experience and less need for adjustment.

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Gentry Nordic Edition

With the quality craftsmanship that is standard with Champion Shuffleboard, the Gentry Nordic Edition is ideal for any home or office. And like the Qualifier it ships in easy-to-construct parts allowing it to be moved or stored.

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The History of Shuffleboard

Henry VIII’s least favourite game is making a 21st-century comeback. The Tudor monarchy banned shuffleboard from England nearly 500 years ago because his subjects found it far more fun than working.

But shuffleboard is back. Thousands now play it weekly in bars, cafes and coffee shops across the USA and Scandinavia. There is even a campaign to make shuffleboard an Olympic sport!

Brewdog brought three European Shuffleboard tables to their Shuffledog bar in Leeds in July 2015. They are so impressed by their 22ft tables, they are already looking to expand the game into their other sites.

And at European Shuffleboard’s Norwegian flagship venue in Oslo, the game is so popular each table makes thousands of pounds every week in hire fees alone. And that’s before the players have bought food and drink.

Why European Champion Shuffleboard?

Champion Shuffleboards are the best shuffleboards at the market! We have developed our shuffleboards to match the climate in Nordic countries. Our long experience and expertise will guarantee our customers perfect shuffleboards at all time. We have accessories in stock and service-technicians taking care of all shuffleboard deliveries. This is why we have 98 % market share!