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Champion shuffleboard Cleaner

May be used as needed, depending on play frequency. Its purpose is to quickly remove dirt and grime from the play surface.

Champion shuffleboard Silikonspray Tournament Gold 2

Silicone Spray acts as an assistant to the shuffleboard powder. A light coat helps eliminate tracking, saves on powder and adds a punch of excitement to the game. This spray is specifically designed for shuffleboard tables. A must have for any player!

Champion shuffleboard powder Tournament Gold 2

Our newest powder, formulated for the serious player. Used in most tournament play and preferred by professionals. Use the Sun-Glo cleaner and silicone spray to keep your game consistent and competitive, and your table clean.

Champion Board Wipe

A must have tool that provides a quick, easy cleanup of the powder on your board.

Champion shuffleboard score unit

Champion shuffleboard stones                4 red + 4 blue

Shuffleboard stones of high quality. Just stones, not box