10 mistakes you don’t want to make when you’re buying a shuffleboard.

Below you will find a checklist you need to go through. Shuffleboard mistakes can be expensive.

1. Always make sure that the supplier has a reference list. You need to know that others are happy with their tables and the service. You don´t want to be their guinea pig.

2. Do they have their own service technician that can install and service the table professionally?

3. Find out what the shuffleboards are made of and where they are produced. There is a huge difference in quality between tables made in China vs USA.

4. Do you get a warranty on the playfield? That is the table´s main component and should be insured.

5. Make sure that the material of the playfield is of the best quality. The playfield is concave and needs to be perfect so the stones doesn’t go in illogical directions and fall off the sides.

6. Do the supplier have more employees? If you have feedback or need help, you want to make sure the supplier has time for you. More employees is a sign of an established and serious business.

7. Does your supplier arrange happenings? Tournaments are perfect to attract more customers.

8. Make sure you choose a supplier who knows when you need refills of various accessories. This way you as a business owner with a hectic schedule will have one less thing to think about.

9. High earnings on each table? Ask your supplier about this.

10. Does the contractor have an app or web based tournament tools? This is important if you want to run tournaments yourself.